About Us 

By the grace of Almighty Allah swt, Simple Steps in Qur’aan Reading is now available online, giving us the opportunity to offer our innovative and successful teaching methods to a far wider student base around the world. 

Following on from our books, posters and flashcards, the SSiQR Online website continues to focus on teaching the Arabic alphabet and the Qā’idah (the rules and elements of Qur’aan recitation) effectively and accurately but in a way that is accessible and fun for all ages and ability levels.

We do this by starting from the very beginning, helping you to learn and identify individual letters and their various forms, master correct pronunciation, use and understand vowel marks and learn how to join letters to make full Arabic words, all of which are taken from the Glorious Qur’aan.

As always, our objective is to help as many people as possible, regardless of age or ability, to read the Glorious Qur’aan in the original Arabic, and we are passionate about using every teaching method available to further this aim. As well as this website, please check out our books, posters, flashcards, audio CDs and YouTube lessons, as well as our new iPhone app IQRA, which ensures the SSiQR system is truly mobile, available in your pocket any time, any place. Insha Allah we hope an Android version will follow soon.

For more information on obtaining these or any of our products please visit wisdompublications.co.uk

Our teaching materials are suitable for all ages and are currently used in many madaaris, including our own, and by parents and individual students throughout the world.

SSiQR is a non-profit-making endeavour. 100% of all proceeds raised from the sale of our materials is invested back into our publications and the Zeenat-al-Qur’aan Academy. We ask only that you use our products, inform others about them and remember us in your duas