Simple Steps in Qur'aan Reading, Part 1, 2

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Part of the 'Simple Steps In Qur'ān Reading (2 Vols)' - 2016 Edition. The complete edition of 'Simple Steps In Qur'ān Reading'. As the name suggests, only a few simple steps are required to corre

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اهلا وسهلا

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Shaykh Abu-Muhammad-Jibreel Director Zeenat-ul-Qur’aan Academy (Nuneaton)

Learning and teaching all starts from the basic, the alphabet. This is the foundation of how we learn and teach, in particular the Book of Allâh SWT. If the content of a book is easy, appealing, impressive and friendly, it naturally becomes easy to take and learn. Living in this century and country, it would be necessary to equip our children and adults alike to read and learn the Book of Allâh SWT in an very presentable manner. The author has exactly done this!

Shaykh Khalil Patel CEO at Rahma (Mercy)

The SSIQR books by Wisdom Publications have been a breath of fresh air for our Madaaris in Albania and Kosovo.

Bilal Musa Parent

This product is very beneficial and provides such an easy way of learning the Qur’an with tajweed i use this for myself and my children i know so many others who use this in their mosques too may Allah increase you status and accept and spread your efforts far and wide Ameen